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Titel  : Hark! there comes a whisper
Oorspr. titel  : {{{oorspr. titel}}}
Tekst  : Frances J. Crosby
Vertaling  : {{{vertaling}}}
Melodie  : W. Howard Doane
Altern. melodie  : {{{altern. melodie}}}



Vers 1:

Hark! there comes a whisper
Stealing on thine ear:
’Tis the Savior calling,
Soft, soft and clear.


“Give thy heart to Me,
Once I died for thee”;
Hark! Hark! thy Savior calls:
Come, sinner, come!

Vers 2:

With that voice so gentle,
Dost thou hear Him say?
“Tell Me all thy sorrows;
Come, come away!”

Vers 3:

Wouldst thou find a refuge
For thy soul oppressed?
Jesus kindly answers,
“I am thy Rest.”

Vers 4:

At the cross of Jesus,
Let thy burden fall;
While He gently whispers,
“I’ll bear it all.”


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